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Our Story

Founded by Auri Rahimzadeh in 2013, Auri's Ideas takes your concepts and makes them a reality. We focus primarily on the Microsoft side of things: Use a proven set of technologies - C#, Azure, SQL Server, and Xamarin - to build apps that increase efficiency and lower costs.


About Auri Rahimzadeh

The founder, Auri A. Rahimzadeh, is an accomplished software engineer, technology writer and book author. He has written three books: Hacking the PSP, Geek My Ride, and co-authored Hacking Digital Cameras, and tech edited various programming works, including the Microsoft C# exam preparation series.


Auri has contributed to many digital entertainment technology standards, including HDTV and DVD, and is former west coast research director at The Envisioneering Group, a prominent consumer electronics research firm.


Having taught side by side with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Auri continues to share a passion for technology education. 


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